• Vegetarian lasagna (vegan option)
    4 people Preparation time 35 minutesCooking time 35 minutes Ingredients Lasagna1 large zucchini3 tomatoes500g pumpkin2 onions1 clove garlicSalt, pepper1 red chilli pepper, optional1 can of tomato sauce125 g Mozzarella (vegan option:Violife Mozzarella 200g)150 g Vegan parmesan (recipe … Read more
  • Mindfulness: The art of living the present moment
    As this year is ending, I'm reflecting on the experiences of 2019, both the positive and negative ones. I recently told my sister that the well-known saying “living in the present moment” always did sound quite cheesy … Read more
  • Choosing your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)
    Next month I’m flying to Nepal to complete a yoga teacher training program. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, finally decided to book it last September. While scrolling the internet to organize my … Read more
  • Gratitude
    Growing also means improving, right? Unless you can grow by staying your good old self, which I rather doubt. I personally try to often reflect on my own behavior and habits. One of the things I noticed … Read more
  • Amsterdam Vegan & Vegetarian hotspots
    Vegan Streets Street food – Restaurant & to go Diet: Vegan, Vegetarian friendly “The best vegan hot dogs in Amsterdam!”: Their slogan says it all and is really accurate: hotdogs lovers, this place is for you. You … Read more
  • The expat life
    I’ve decided to write about a topic I am really fond of: expatriation. This will be my first article written in English, on purpose. I believe more people will be able to read it, and hopefully relate. … Read more
  • Le destin
    “you said. if it is meant to be. fate will bring us back together. for a second, I wonder if you are really that naive. if you really believe fate works like that. as if it lives … Read more